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Exploring the 2016 Ford Explorer: An All-American SUV Juggernaut with CarSmart of Jackson

A Closer Look at the 2016 Ford Explorer's Update

The 2016 Ford Explorer is a top choice for families and adventure-seekers, especially at CarSmart of Jackson. This dealership, serving Jackson, Cape Girardeau, Scott City, Perryville, Sikeston, Chaffee, Poplar Bluff, Bloomfield, and Dexter, Missouri, showcases a versatile SUV that's perfect for many lifestyles. The 2016 model's facelift brings refreshed front and rear styling, while its improved equipment makes it a reliable option.

2016 Ford Explorer at CarSmart Of Jackson

What's New for 2016?

In 2016, the Ford Explorer received notable updates, including a new top-spec trim level and a revamped EcoBoost four-cylinder engine. This engine provides better fuel economy, which is great for those driving between places like Jackson, Cape Girardeau, and Dexter. If you're seeking performance without compromising on efficiency, the 2016 Explorer at CarSmart of Jackson is a solid choice.

Performance and Power Options

The 2016 Ford Explorer offers a variety of engine choices, allowing buyers to select the performance that suits their needs. At CarSmart of Jackson, you can opt for the standard 3.5-liter V-6 engine for classic power, the new 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine for fuel efficiency, or the twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V-6 for high performance. The variety of choices caters to different driving styles, whether you're cruising through Perryville or towing in Sikeston.

Exploring Trim Levels and Options

With several trim levels to choose from, the 2016 Ford Explorer can be tailored to various preferences. CarSmart of Jackson offers Base, XLT, Limited, Sport, and Platinum, each with unique features. The Platinum trim offers a touch of luxury with quilted leather upholstery, perfect for those who enjoy driving in style around Poplar Bluff and Chaffee. The Sport trim, with its stiffer suspension and unique styling, is ideal for those seeking a sportier driving experience in places like Bloomfield and Cape Girardeau.

CarSmart Pro Tip of the Day

The Benefits of Heated Seats and More

When you're choosing your next vehicle, it's important to consider comfort, performance, and safety. At CarSmart of Jackson, we have a few pro tips to help you make the best choice. Heated seats, for example, can transform your driving experience, especially during those chilly Missouri winters. If you spend a lot of time on the road, heated front seats and a heated steering wheel are a game-changer, keeping you warm and comfortable on your way to work or on weekend trips.

Drivetrain options are another important factor. Whether you need a 4WD for off-road adventures or an AWD for stability on slippery roads, the right drivetrain can enhance your driving experience. If you’re thinking of taking a trailer or boat along, the 2016 Ford Explorer's 5,600-pound towing capacity might just be what you need.

For those who prioritize interior comfort, 3rd row seats provide extra space for passengers, and leather seats add a touch of luxury to your ride. These features can make every journey feel like a first-class experience. At CarSmart of Jackson, we offer vehicles with these premium options, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Safety is also a top priority, and the 2016 Ford Explorer has an impressive safety rating. If you're considering a used vehicle, always check the vehicle history report to ensure you're making a reliable choice. A clean history report means you can drive with confidence, knowing your vehicle has been well-maintained.

Visit CarSmart of Jackson today to explore our wide selection of vehicles with heated seats, 3rd row seats, leather seats, and more. Our team can help you find a vehicle with the right drivetrain options, towing capacity, and safety features for your needs. Start your search with us, and experience the CarSmart difference.

Vehicle Financing at CarSmart of Jackson

Inside the 2016 Ford Explorer

Step inside the 2016 Ford Explorer at CarSmart of Jackson, and you'll find a refined interior with new features that enhance comfort and convenience. A hands-free power liftgate and front and rear camera washers make everyday driving easier, whether you're navigating Jackson's streets or heading out to Dexter. The third-row seating remains one of the best in its class, providing ample space for families around Sikeston and Scott City.

Technology and Safety

Safety and technology are paramount in the 2016 Ford Explorer. At CarSmart of Jackson, you'll find safety features like blind-spot warning and lane-keep assist, designed to keep you and your passengers safe on the roads of Jackson and beyond. The adaptive cruise control with forward-collision warning adds an extra layer of safety, making it ideal for long drives across Cape Girardeau and Perryville.

Finding Your Perfect 2016 Ford Explorer in Jackson, Missouri

If you're in the market for a used 2016 Ford Explorer, CarSmart of Jackson is the dealership to visit. Serving Jackson and nearby areas like Cape Girardeau, Scott City, Perryville, Sikeston, Chaffee, Poplar Bluff, Bloomfield, and Dexter, CarSmart of Jackson offers a diverse selection of used vehicles. Whether you're looking for a specific trim or feature, their expert team can help you find the perfect Explorer to meet your needs.

Inside 2016 Ford Explorer at CarSmart

FAQs about the 2016 Ford Explorer from CarSmart of Jackson

What are the different trim levels for the 2016 Ford Explorer?

CarSmart of Jackson offers five trim levels for the 2016 Ford Explorer: Base, XLT, Limited, Sport, and Platinum. Each trim level has unique features, allowing you to choose the one that suits your lifestyle, whether you're in Jackson or nearby cities like Cape Girardeau and Sikeston.

What engine options are available for the 2016 Ford Explorer?

How safe is the 2016 Ford Explorer?

Financing and Free Lifetime Powertrain Warranty at CarSmart of Jackson

At CarSmart of Jackson, we understand that financing a vehicle can be a daunting process, especially if you have concerns about your credit score. That's why we offer financing options for all credit situations. Whether you have excellent credit or have faced financial challenges, our experienced finance team will work with you to find a plan that fits your budget. We're committed to helping you drive away in the car of your dreams, no matter your credit history.

In addition to flexible financing, CarSmart of Jackson provides a FREE Lifetime Powertrain Warranty on most vehicles 10 years or newer with under 100,000 miles. This warranty gives you peace of mind, knowing that you're protected against unexpected repairs on major engine and transmission components. It's just one of the ways we ensure that you're getting a reliable vehicle that you can trust.

If you don't see a specific vehicle in our current inventory, don't worry! CarSmart of Jackson has strong relationships with dealers and auctions all over the country, allowing us to locate the perfect vehicle for you. Just let us know what you're looking for, and we'll go above and beyond to find it, saving you the hassle of searching on your own.

Ready to find your next car? Visit our website to view our current inventory and start the journey to your new vehicle. Our team is here to assist you every step of the way. Don’t wait—check out CarSmart of Jackson today and discover why we're the go-to dealership in Jackson, Cape Girardeau, Scott City, Perryville, Sikeston, Chaffee, Poplar Bluff, Bloomfield, and Dexter, Missouri.

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About The Author

Kevin Schingeck, born and raised in the heart of Missouri, has established himself as a trusted authority in automotive sales and financing over an illustrious 13-year career. As the General Manager of both our Farmington and Jackson, Missouri locations, Kevin's extensive knowledge extends beyond just sales, excelling in connecting customers with ideal financing solutions tailored to their needs. His knack for pairing clients with the right lenders stems from a rich blend of local insights and industry expertise. For anyone seeking comprehensive guidance in the realm of vehicle sales and financing, Kevin's unparalleled experience and leadership at our dual locations stand as a testament to his dedication and proficiency.


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